Simultaneous Translation Service

Simultaneous Translation Service

It is the most effective type of interpreting service which is offered in venues such as conferences/meetings where more than one language is spoken.

Who is Simultaneous Interpreter?

Simultaneous Interpreters translate the statements instantaneously during an event or meeting. In this regard, no extra time is required for translation. Simultaneous interpreters listen to the speakers and comprehend them instantly via earphones in the cabinets reserved for them. The people who simultaneously translate ought to have an excellent diction and oratory skills as well as their command in both languages.

In which fields is simultaneous translation used?

This type of interpreting is used most commonly in international conferences and meetings. In addition, simultaneous translation needs may arise in diplomatic negotiations and some live broadcast presentations.

As MEPA Tercüme, we respond to your simultaneous translation needs with our specialized and experienced translator team. Our equipment with simultaneous translation is of high quality and all the conditions required for a good simultaneous translation service are provided.

Simultaneous interpretations are done at particular events such as meetings, business meetings, diplomatic meetings etc. In this vein, the quality and experience of translation service requires utmost care. For this reason, this type of translation ought to be handled with professionalism. As MEPA Tercüme, we offer the highest quality service in the field with our qualified interpreter team.

You can quickly get a quote by contacting us for the Simultaneous Translation service you look for.

You shall receive an instant quotation as well as information on scheduling with regard to simultaneous translation as soon as necessary details such as number of participants in the meeting, the subject of the event, the source language and the receptor language are notified to us.

Pricing of Simultaneous Translation

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