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Localization Service

Localization is the most comprehensive form of translation. It goes beyond word-to-word transformation of source content to target content. In localization, the translation involves adaptation of original content to local cultures and linguistic characteristics. It ensures that the original content is fully understood by locals. Although a degree of flexibility is exercised in localization, translator has to have a deep knowledge of local terminology and culture. In short, localization is adaptation of original content to local understanding.

Localization will entail translator to modify content according to local currency, local time, units of measure, numerical styles, etc. Localization involves more effort as it requires consideration of idioms, dialects, religion and traditional practices of target language. As a result, localization must be performed by translator should have affinity with local culture.

Spread of e-commerce in today’s world enables to introduce goods and services to customers in all countries. It is made sure that these website are localized rather than being merely translated. Localization of website is a widespread practice among e-commerce entities who want to target consumer habits and preferences in local cultures.

As MEPA Tercüme, we meet your localization needs with our team of translators who fits original content to the beliefs, practices, customs and traditions of the local targets. Our translators are from all over the world and closer to local needs than any other translator.