About Us


As MEPA Tercüme, our professional and customer oriented approach is geared towards satisfying corporate or individual needs in all languages and translation types.

We have a disciplined team composed of experts in their respective fields, who are committed to solve all of your oral or written translation needs at the satisfactory level.

We deliver swift and quality services to corporations and individuals who shall appreciate carefully done translations.

Our main principle is “Customer Oriented Quality and Timely Service” approach.

In the light of this basic principle, we relentlessly excel ourselves in offering quality translation services to our esteemed business partners every day, thanks to the experience we have accumulated so far.

We are at your service with our team, whose members have an experience of at least 10 years in their respective fields, with the gratitude for deserving your trust.

We handle each translation with utmost professionalism by making them error-free through the close scrutiny of proofreaders.

Our “Editorial Check” obviates any hindrances that may occur before law or other legal and business obligations due to your translations.

We provide the translation services demanded by your institution with a professional approach within the framework of a planned business process.

We are fully committed to offer quality service at reasonable price with our qualified staff and technical infrastructure, which are getting stronger and grow day by day.

We invite you to share our corporate experience with our Language Solutions.