Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting; is a type of interpreting in which interpreter waits for the speaker to make a pause in their speech and then reproduces what has been said by the speaker for the audience. Speakers generally make pause after completing 4-5 sentences. Interpreter usually takes notes to perform accurate translation.

Consecutive interpreting usually does not require special equipment unlike Simultaneous Translation. Interpreter normally stands or sits close to the speaker. Main task of interpreter is to listen and interpret a speech in short intervals (usually every 3-4 sentences).

Events Suitable For Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting is preferred at shorter events. A typical example is interpretation of soccer player or team coach by interpreter after a sports event. Command in target language is a must for interpreter, who is normally expected to perform interpreting in a concise manner.

Points of Consideration During Consecutive Interpreting

It is a requisite for interpreters to retain and deliver original content with a fluent and clear manner, in addition to have a good command in target language. Besides, interpreter must have a good short term memory due to the absence of any equipment for their assistance. Interpreter takes less time than speaker, so they should take this point into account during planning.

What are the Differences between Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting?

Equipment is not used for consecutive interpreting unlike simultaneous translation. Interpreter stands or sits closely to the speaker in consecutive interpreting. Interpreter takes notes and relies on their short term memory while delivering content to audience in the absence of equipment. Interpreter directly addresses audience in consecutive interpreting while they listen to the speaker with earphones in a separate cabinet and deliver content through digital equipment in simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting calls for excellent short term memory, note-taking skills and vigilance about nuance in both languages. Simultaneous interpreting involves real-time interpreting without pause. It requires concentration, deep knowledge on vocabulary and mental flexibility. Fluency comes before memory in simultaneous translation.

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