Why Should I Learn Russian?

Why Should I Learn Russian?

Why Should I Learn Russian?

  • 28.07.2020

If you have a keen interest in acquiring new languages ​​and want develop yourself culturally or commercially, Russian is highly recommended.

The factors that lead to you to learn new languages may be to expand your horizon by getting familiar with a new culture, contribute to yourself or your business in terms of commerce or just a desire to obtain a new language. Russian is a language that will satisfy you from all of these aspects.

Russian is spoken by 206 million people and ranks 8th most widely spoken language in the world. One reason for the popularity of Russian is the fact that it is spoken widely in the former USSR countries. To put it differently, learning Russian allows you to speak peoples from 15 countries. Moreover, learning Russian makes oneself familiar with other Slavic languages since they share many similarities. For instance, obtaining a good command in Russian allows you to understand Macedonian or Bosnian language easily. If you want to not solely understand but also speak and translate in Russian, then you will easily master any other Slavic language as well.

If you wish to invest in yourself in linguistic and cultural sense and want to learn the culture, history, literature and stages of development of a country from its language; one of the first languages that comes to the fore is undoubtedly Russian. This is due the fact that Russia owns a peculiar history and literature that words do not suffice to describe. That the Terrible Ivan brought his own son to end, that Petro I, known in our country as "Deli" and "Great" in Russia, built up a shipyard in a landlocked country, carried his ships from the frozen river, transformed the country into a totally different Russia. Reading, listening to and studying the foundation and collapse of in USSR is a unique experience for culture-savvy people.

Literature lovers is very familiar how times flows when reading 19th century Russian literary works. It is not possible to get a real sense of narration and get aware of play of words when reading from the translations of 19th century Russian literary works. One must have a good command in Russian to acknowledge the riches of Russian literary edifices. For example, Raskolnikov, the protagonist of Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, originates from the word "Raskolot" in Russian. This word is means "rebellion" in Turkish, "breaking the unity", "creating a disagreement". Those who read the book will surely understand how well this name fits the character. It is necessary to know Russian in order to better understand play of words such as in Crime and Punishment as well as word stresses or special sentences created by the author.

If you want to learn a foreign language from commercial perspective, Russian is good choice since it would satisfy one’s expectations. Russia owns a huge and growing economy with being engaged in active trade with other parts of the world. Tourism is a popular activity among Russians while Russia is among top destinations for foreign tourists. All of these factors contribute to the dynamic aspect of Russian economy. Being a close neighbor to Turkey and hot spot for Russian tourists, it is expected that the trade and tourism potential between Turkey and Russia will continue to expand in the near future.

Most tourists come from Russia to Turkey. According to the data of 2019, more than 7 million Russian tourists visited Turkey. Learning Russian shall offer many advantages for business owners in Turkey as many Russian tourists will continue to view Turkey as first choice for holiday.


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